Brief introduction

University of Tokyo Tea Ceremony Club

Hello and welcome to the University of Tokyo Tea Ceremony Club.

Sadou (茶道, or "the way of tea") refers to the study of Japanese tea ceremony, a kind of traditional ritual with powdered green tea (see Wikipedia for its details). Members of our club, Sadou-bu in Japanese, are studying the tradition.

It is very difficult to study Sadou even for Japanese, and will be much more for others. To know or feel it, however, would give you a good chance to catch a hint of Japanese way of thinking. Participating in an event of unknown culture is in itself exciting.

We get together on the afternoon of Monday and Wednesday at Hakuinsha on Komaba campus. If it sounds interesting, just come to see our activity without reserve, and we will entertain you with powdered green tea and Japanese traditional sweets.

E-mail address is contact(replace-with-at)